Friday, June 6, 2008

Mississippi Flight Revised

Do you know what its like to fly from one end of the Mississippi river to the other? Well I do and let me tell you, it is not easy. That river is log, deep, and there are hunters everywhere. Here’s a little about my flight over the Mississippi river.
I’ll start off by saying that it is really long. The river stretches all the way from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. It twists and turns the whole way down. And did I mention how deep it is. At one place you could be swimming in inches, go half a mile down the bank and you’re in fathoms. It’s dangerous too. There are all kinds of bears and foxes. If you don’t watch out they’ll get you! One day I couldn’t even land because the bars were out and the forest was so dense that I got so tired flying over it all and flew right into a swamp.
One thing that amazed me was all the people there were on the river. There were black men, white men, and even Indians. They were mostly farmers and fisherman. And believe me when I say there were hunters. It was hard to stay away form them. I got shot at over 10 times. Some of those people do some pretty weird things. This one time I flew over this huge mansion with a ton of slaves working in the fields, but there was this one slave that had a whole bunch of people standing around him. He was a weirdo throwing a ball of hair in the air saying it was talking to him.
There were a lot of boats on the water too. There were skiffs, canoes, steamboats, regular boats, and a bunch of other boats. I tried to land on them whenever I could but the people always shoed me away. It would have saved me a lot of flapping if I could have just taken a ferry.
Over all it was an ok trip. I was shot at by hunters, couldn’t get food because of bears, saw something’s I don’t ever want to see again, and was super tired. One thing I know for sure, if I ever do that again I am going to take one of those metal birds to get there.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Independent Service Reflection

The Mirror

Will these experiences change the way you act or think in the future?

Well a lot of my independent hours were spent with my grand mother who is 90 years old. She gets very lonely being so old so I spent a lot of time with her to keep her company. We did things like talking about old family memories, watching TV, making art projects together, eating, and even dancing. I think this experience will help me in the future because I know that when I get old I am not going to want to be forgotten so now I am being more patient with elderly people because I know it must be hard for them. Before I used to just do my own thing but now I see that they are still people who have feelings and like to have fun.

The Microscope

How does this experience compliment or contrast with what you do in class?

Well the other half of my service hours were spent doing runs with student runs Philly style. One run that I did was the Clean air run. The run was supposed to get people involved in the environment by getting together and running. This complements what we did in class because we are working on recycling and that is for the environment. We also want to get people together to educate them about what recycling can do for our city and world.

The Binoculars

How will service learning change your future behaviors/attitudes/and career?

Service learning has already begun to change my behavior and attitudes toward recycling. Now I feel so guilty about every piece of trash I have that is not being recycled. I look at all the wasted papers we get in class and wish that I could just recycle it all. Something really has to happen in our school. Too many good materials are being wasted that could be reused. I would definitely work for recycling again next year if it would mean that we could start our own program.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Service Learning reflection May 28, 2008

Our service learning meeting on Wednesday was very productive. We broke into our groups to finish up the research and write ups for our own topics. My topic was plastic so I did research and typed a page that had statistics and things for people to think about and pictures of recycled products. Ms. Thomas is going to take all of our research and put it together for a little report.
Next meeting we are probably just going to finish up the report to submit it to Ms. Thompson.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"The Farm"

For some people a blanket could represent a lot. If could represent security, comfort, peace. Having a special blanket could be an escape. In the book Of Mice and Men George and Lennie’s blanket is “the farm”. Throughout the book they talk about “the farm”. Their goal is to buy the farm. “The farm” represents success, peace, comfort, security, and escape, their heaven. However some times in life “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Sometimes one looses their blanket and you don’t get to buy the farm. The farm is a theme seen throughout the story.
George and Lennie didn’t exactly have the best life. They were workers who had no family and often got in trouble. Even though things were rough they had a plan. They were going to get their own farm. For years they had been working for other people but that was all going to change. Now their only priority was to make the money that they needed to buy a nice little farm where they could live off the fat of the land. On their farm they would be their own boss. Life would flow the way they wanted it to. The farm would be tier heaven on earth.
The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. George and Lennie had it all worked out. They would work until they made $300 and then they would quit their jobs and buy the farm. Lennie would get to tend the rabbits and when they didn’t feel like working they would stop. Already though the plans began to change. They met Candy another worker on Tyler farm and decided to let him come along. He put up a lot of money and they help them get started. Now with just one month of working the heaven was in sight. Everything was good until Lennie had an accident. Lennie started to pet Curly’s wife’s head but when he got to rough she started to scream. He pleaded with her to stop screaming but when she didn’t he accidentally killed her.
Lennie never got to tend the rabbits but he didn’t get to go to the farm. It wasn’t the farm he was expecting to go to. Throughout the book the theme lets us know that they are going to get some type of heaven. The title lets us know that they aren’t going to get the farm they wanted. Because Lennie killed Curly’s wife he was going to have to die. Right before he was shot George told him about the farm they were going to get so as Lennie died that is what he was thinking of. In a way Lennie did get to buy the farm. He got to leave this earth where he was always in the service of other people. He got to go to his own heaven where he would be able to tend the rabbits, he just would have George with him. Even though in life our plans can go awry good things can still come from the changes.


Human Predators "Grade"

Human Predators

You’re in school. You’re just standing there minding your own business, didn’t even do anything. Next thing you know a bully comes up behind you and pushes you into a locker! So you say "Hey what’s up man? I didn’t do anything." And he says, "Yes you did, you were born." That bully is a human predator. Human predators are everywhere. Human predators are seen all over the book Of Mice and Men. The primary predator is Curly and then there is his wife and there is also Crooks. Lets take a look at why they are predators.
Curly is a predator, a typical bully. Curly is a small guy. Smaller than most and he tries to make up for his size with his attitude. Curly is never scarred to step up to some ones face to make himself feel bigger and manly. He likes to mess with all people who are bigger than him. And the one guy that towers highest above him is Lennie. Lennie is huge, and he is also not the smartest. So obviously he is the perfect pray for Curly. So to make himself seem like the bigger man Curly preys on Lennie, purposely picking fights to show the other men that he is the boss.
Another predator in this book is Curly's wife. But Curly's wife is a different kind of predator. Curly's wife messes with people so she can stay alive or at least to stay sane. She doesn’t really mean any harm, but just the fact that she was a woman was trouble enough. What she was hunting for was some company. She was lonely and needed someone to talk to. She was looking to please herself and didn’t care if it hurt other people, but then again she probably didn’t realize that it hurt other people.
Crooks is the last predator. He is basically at the bottom of the food chain and if he can find something lower than him to feast on he will. Nobody likes crooks they just use him when they need him. Now crooks meets Lennie and he is going to use him. For once somebody was a lower step than he was. Crooks is the kind of predator that takes advantage of another’s weakness. He saw that Lennie didn’t really understand all that he did so he verbally put him down, scarred him into thinking that nobody really cared about him. What he was really doing was turning the way he felt onto somebody else.
All these predators act the way they do for a reason. Curly got in other people’s business because it made him feel like a man. Curly’s wife messed with the other men on the ranch because her own husband didn’t give her the attention she needed. Crooks scarred Lennie because he himself felt alone and scarred. And all of these people are predators because they need to make up for what’s missing in their life. Everywhere people go they get into situations where they are either the predator or the pray so we all need to decide if we are going to be the one that gets the feasts or gets feasted on.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Of Mice and Men Quiz

1) Could the events that happened in the book have happened in 2008?
Yes I think things like this could happen. Things are a little bit different but I'm sure there are still field workers and laborers and all they do is work not really having any life.

2) What circumstances would you change if you had been the author of Of Mice and Men?
I think I would have had people come onto the ranch looking for Lennie and George but Slim would have gotten them to go away but Curly would think something fishy was going on. It would have given the book more conflict and story.

3) What questions would you ask John Steinbeck if you had the chance to talk to him about the book?
I would ask him what was his inspiration for this book and did any of the characters mirror people that he actually knew.

4) Would the information in this book be useful if you where a worker in 1930s California? How would you use it?
Well I would no not to get on the wrong side of my boss, keep to myself, and have a plan that I'm working for. I wouldn’t want to just be working and nothing else, I would want to work like Lennie and George did so they could be happy.

5) Which events could have happened if Slim had been getting with Curly's wife?
Well if Slim was with her she might not have wanted to always be talking to Lennie and George. OR Slim could have tried to blame George and say that it was him messing around and not himself.

6) What is another way that the story could have ended?
Well after George killed Lennie e could have bought the farm himself because him and Lennie were supposed to get the farm together and it wouldn't be the same if he did it be himself.

7) What was the underling theme of Of Mice and Men?
I think the underlying theme was right there in the title "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry"
Even if you make the best plans they can still get messed up and even when things look perfect you have to watch out.

8) Why did they let Candy in on their plans?
Because Candy had no family just like them and he also had a lot of money. With Candy’s help they would be able to buy the farm in one month which was a lot faster then they had expected.

9) What do you think George was thinking when he found out Lennie had killed Curly's wife?
I don’t really know what someone thinks when someone dies at the hands of another, but I think he was probably really shocked, upset, and he could probably only try to think of plans to get Lennie out of that mess. And he was probably thinking about their plans and how they are all over.

10) What were some motives behind Curly's wife talking to all the men?
Curly's wife was obviously lonely. Curly wasn’t a vary good husband and she was the only girl on that farm. If I was married to Curly I would probably talk to the other men too. She had plans before she got married and I think that she just wanted to be around people that could understand being disappointed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recycling Websites
This website is very interactive and gives a lot of info on recycling. Good for kids.